Oct 27, 2017

give this Christmas away

Wow!  Where did summer go? Or for that matter, autumn?  I walked into Menards last week and the Christmas trees were up and decorated; an animated life size Santa was singing and dancing in the doorway and all sorts of Santa hats, snow globes and the sort were on display.

Menards gets it.  It takes a lot of time and effort to get ready for the holiday season, and that's true for Northwest Chapel's Annual Give This Christmas Away event.

Most of the 
behind the scene's stuff is done. Signature events such as Angel Tree are returning, as will the Salvation Army Bell Ringing and many others.  The middle and high school youth will be sharing the joys of the season once again by caroling, there's a benefit concert this year, and as always lots of opportunities for you to share your faith and Christ with others.  

Regardless of where and how you bring your talents, efforts and donations this year is sure to be one to remember as it will have a lasting impact in our community.

The 10th annual Give This Christmas Away provides each of us the opportunity to share and become a beacon of light upon a world that so desperately needs to know that message of God's salvation and the hope that's available to all of us.

Northwest Chapel's Give This Christmas Away event has already started it's planning phase, working to help you to have a powerful and significant impact on our Central Ohio community.